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  • n. Plural form of laterite.


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  • Even the barren, arid, and windswept eastern slopes glowed bright with the volcanic muds locally called laterites, and the foliated beds of saibros and maçapés, decomposed tufas oxidised red and yellow.

    To the Gold Coast for Gold A Personal Narrative in Two Volumes.—Volume I

  • Soils are predominantly laterites in various stages of formation depending on the age of the volcanic parent material.

    Mascarene forests

  • These often form dissected plateaus capped by laterites, with extensive outcrops in the southeast of the ecoregion near its junction with the Einasleigh Upland Savannas and Mitchell Grass Downs.

    Carpentaria tropical savanna

  • Tagasaste prefers sandy soils, but thrives on gravels, loams, limestone and laterites, as well as slag heaps and mining dumps.

    4: Multipurpose trees

  • The quantity usually used is 5% and it has proved to be attractive for stabilizing sandy soils, clayey and silty sandy soils, soils rich in limonite (some laterites) in arid regions, and in general soils which lack cohesion.

    Chapter 11

  • Many soils may appear to be self-supporting when first excavated, particularly cohesive soils, such as clays and silts, and naturally bonded soils, such as laterites and soft rock.

    Chapter 5

  • Chamaecytisus palmensis establishes most easily on sandysurfaced soils. but tolerates a wide range of soil types including gravels.loams. acid laterites and limestones.

    Chapter 21

  • This species is well adapted to infertile soils, including podzols, laterites and loose. drifting sands.

    Chapter 48

  • The special characteristics of laterites, by which they differ from other soils, are:

    Chapter 4

  • Of the various soil types that occur in the tropics and sub-tropics, laterites are of special interest in conjunction with building construction.

    Chapter 4


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