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  • v. Present participle of lather.
  • n. The act of lathering; a covering with lather.


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  • When he had done what he called lathering my face, he began to scrape it unmercifully with his notched iron hoop; and if I struggled, he would saw it backwards and forwards over my face.

    Peter the Whaler

  • Dop, as Dopal had been renamed, was advertised through lathering competitions for children, to emphasize the safety of shampooing, and the ethereal, healthy joy to be found in creating cloud formations out of suds.

    The English Is Coming!

  • Suddenly, wet shampoo treatments for use at home were far more practical, at least for those who, at the turn of a tap, had access to plenty of warm water for lathering and rinsing.

    The English Is Coming!

  • I can hear the shower running and now I am imagining you all wet and lathering yourself.

    Arcane Circle

  • As it was, though, she decided to simply enjoy the attention he seemed to be lathering on her.

    The Boundaries of Temptation (2/5)

  • It'll get you clean as long as you don't mind lathering up in plain view of the road.

    The Tent People

  • The old man of indiscriminate accent slapped Phil on his rear, which he was lathering at the time.

    Freedom Can Wait (The First Time)

  • This would leave you with only the work (about which harsh things might certainly be said, but they wouldn't be inspired by an animus against the man founded on moral disapproval rather than an estimation of the writing founded on literary judgment) and spare you the emotional energy required to work up a good lathering of moral outrage.

    The Biographical Fallacy

  • Looking at a shaving stick for an upcoming trip: how are you lathering on the road?

    Planning The Perfect Travel Washbag | Lifehacker Australia

  • After all the years I spent lathering on sunblock spf 50, I deserve better than some Forest Lawn intern torching my carcass on his lunch break.

    Alan Thicke: The Boomer IQ Test: 'Losing It' or Just 'Misplacing' It?


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