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  • adv. In a latitudinal manner
  • adv. With regard to latitude


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  • Many studies have demonstrated latitudinally separated disparate populations of the same species with distinctive metabolic rates, thermal tolerances, egg development rates, and spawning temperature requirements consistent with a compensatory adaptation to maximize growth rates at a given temperature [19].

    Approaches to projecting climate change effects on arctic fish populations

  • If you look at cultures cross-latitudinally, cultures that grew up close to the equator have very dark skin (to protect from sunlight) whereas cultures that grew up far from the equator have very pale skin (to absorb as much sunlight as possible).


  • It is located latitudinally 62 centimeters from the left and right occipital bones.

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  • It was headless, and helpful lines pointed out the proper angle through the shoulder on each side of the shorn neck, through the elbow and the wrist and latitudinally across the body from under the arms all the way down to beneath the navel.

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  • Yes Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere but latitudinally speaking only Tasmania is further than 40S and we run up to 10S.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • It is composed of the Gissar, Zeravshan, Turkestan, and Alai mountain ranges, and stretches latitudinally for 900 kilometers (km).

    Gissaro-Alai open woodlands

  • Partially as a result, the latitudinally extensive Ridge and Valley (67) has good aquatic habitat diversity.

    Ecoregions of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia (EPA)

  • The Kopetdag mountains are the northernmost range of the Turkmeno-Khorassan system; they are of medium size, the highest peak reaches 2,872 above the sea level; spread latitudinally in a narrow strip of about 100 kilometers (km) wide and surrounded by deserts.

    Kopet Dag woodlands and forest steppe

  • Patagonian Andean forests, include Araucaria araucana and high Andean scrublands with deciduous Nothofagus, which are widely distributed latitudinally.

    Valdivian temperate forests

  • Pangea spanned the planet latitudinally, from today's high Arctic to Antarctica; its eastern flank was notched by a V-shaped Tethys Sea centered approximately on the equator.

    Global material cycles


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