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  • See lateen.


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  • The sheets were eased off, the long boom of the graceful sliding-gunter (a kind of latteen) sail, stretched far over the gun-wale of the boat, which slipped along easily and rapidly through the water, the rolling waves heaving up her stern, and sending her forward with a gentle impulse.

    The Bushman — Life in a New Country

  • How long this would have lasted I do not know, but one morning when I woke and came to the mouth of the cave to look out, I saw that in the night a Chinese junk, with broad latteen sails, had dropped anchor in the bay below.

    Anting-Anting Stories And other Strange Tales of the Filipinos

  • All hands were busily employed in altering the rig of the three prizes from latteen vessels to sloops, and preparing for a second attack.

    The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876

  • Lieutenant Bainbridge, in No. 5, had his latteen yard shot away early in the action, which prevented his getting alongside the enemy's boats, but he galled them by a steady and well directed fire, within musket shot; indeed he pursued the enemy until his boat grounded under the batteries; she was, fortunately, soon got off.

    The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876

  • In this day's action No. 4 had a twenty-four pound shot through her hull; No. 6 her latteen yard shot away; No. 8 a twenty-four pound shot through her hull, which killed two men; some of the other boats had their rigging and sails considerably cut.

    The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876

  • On the water float the Mediterranean craft, rakish boats, with enormous latteen sails; long, low, sharp, black vessels, with a suspicious air redolent of smuggling and piracy.

    The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX

  • Hoisting the latteen shades, he looked out through lace curtains into the most silent city he had ever beheld.

    The Dark Star

  • It is true that the rig of a felucca -- namely, a single latteen-sail, its head stretched along an enormously long, tapering yard, hoisted to the top of a stout, stumpy mast raking well forward -- is not precisely the rig that I would willingly choose to go to sea alone with; but beggars must not be choosers, and it seemed to me to be Hobson's choice -- that or nothing.

    A Middy of the King A Romance of the Old British Navy

  • None of us went on shore here, but a small latteen caravel went up to one of the islets and found in it some fishermen's huts; the Indian women whom we brought with us said they were not inhabited.

    The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, 985-1503

  • But my agility and quick comprehension stood me in good stead, and in a few days I had learned enough to haul on a rope or to reef the great latteen sails as well as any of them.

    Mr. Isaacs


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