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  • adj. Belonging to present or recent times; modern.

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  • adj. modern, recent.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

latter +‎ day.


  • Lampooning the foibles of the English class system as well as clerics, politicians and even other artists, Mr. Searle was often described as a latter-day version of the 18th-century British graphic satirist William Hogarth.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Among the real rarities in the festival's "Velvet Bullets and Steel Kisses" sidebar, which is devoted to popular films made by Japan's Nikkatsu studio, this 1985 drama mixes softcore eroticism with a gaudy neon color scheme to create a melancholy, latter-day noir.

    Repertory Film: A Final Festival Feast

  • Italy's premier marketplace for crèche makings is the Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples, where artisans offer figurines portraying not only the obvious biblical subjects but also latter-day personalities from the worlds of culture, sport and politics.

    Playing the Name Game in Italy

  • She is opposed by local fascists, latter-day Nazis who are resurgent in a Hungary.

    Rabbi Abraham Cooper: True Heroes For Our Time And Beyond

  • Clearly Kris is a man suffering from the pernicious ravages of Damsel in Distress Syndrome, a latter-day Galahad — at least, I thought so, until I took a look at his other postcard.

    Girls Go Postal! | Femme à l’ombrelle

  • Both directed by a guy best known in some circles for a movie about an old boat that sank and some other picture about a planet filled with nine-foot tall blue people, T2 and Aliens stand in very sharp contrast to latter-day action flicks.

    William Bradley: T2 and Aliens Anniversaries Point Up the Problems With Today's Action Movies

  • Obama's "latter-day support" of these Bush-era decisions, he asserts, "are the correct ones."

    New Details Revealed From Rumsfeld's Memoir

  • If fewer people perceived Osama bin Laden as a latter-day Che Guevara, and more people perceived him as a latter-day John Gotti, then I think we would have gained something.

    Matthew Yglesias » Mitch McConnell vs the FBI

  • So hooey I said and hooey I maintain against these latter-day pseudo-tough fem fatales.

    Stuff We Did This Weekend

  • We are strangers in these neighbourhoods, allowed in only to fulfill our appointed task, as and when it is "important to the story" -- when the hero must be given counsel by some latter-day medicine man, or when the heroine must be given consolation by some gossipy confidante.

    A Sodomite's Sermon


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