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  • n. Attributive form of laughing jackass


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  • The hit of the evening was when an Australian behind the stage gave an unexpected imitation of a laughing-jackass.

    Now It Can Be Told

  • Except for a fiend of a laughing-jackass in a gum tree close by the veranda that drives me mad with his devilish chuckling.

    Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land

  • From the trees the bell-bird, the coach-whip, the tewinga, the laughing-jackass, the rifle-bird and regent, filled the air with sound, if not with music.

    Seven Little Australians

  • There was the range of the Copper-mine hills to the south, lighted by the wan moon; and between and to the west a rough scrub country, desolating beyond words, and where even edible snakes would be scarce; spots of dead-finish, gidya, and brigalow-bush to north and east, and in the trees by the billabong the cry of the cockatoo and the laughing-jackass.

    Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk — Volume 02

  • The familiar laughing-jackass is to be found everywhere, but his peculiar note differs somewhat in different parts; a blackfellow from the south says that the laugh of the northern bird makes him feel sick, whilst the northern native says the same of the southern kingfisher.

    The History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888

  • He was right: there was the hideous, unearthly cry of the laughing-jackass, called often the bushman's clock; the screaming cry of thousands of parrots flying here and there through the forest; there was the cackle of the wattle-bird, the clear notes of the magpie, and the confused chattering of thousands of leather-heads; while many other birds added their notes to the discordant chorus, and speedily banished sleep from the eyes of their hearers.

    The Gilpins and their Fortunes A Story of Early Days in Australia

  • As he stooped down, ducks and fowls rushed forward to obtain the food he held in his hand, the pigs came grunting up, and several long-legged birds -- storks I believe they were -- stood by waiting for their share, numerous parrots and parroquets were perched on the railings, as tame as the barn-door fowls, while a laughing-jackass looked on complacently from an overhanging bough, every now and then uttering its strange notes.

    Adventures in Australia

  • I was very thankful when at length day broke, and we were saluted by the merry call of the laughing-jackass.

    Adventures in Australia

  • I was awakened just before dawn by the "settler's clock," as the laughing-jackass is frequently called; and lifting my head, by the light of the still burning embers of our fire saw the dominie rubbing his eyes, but no one else was moving.

    Adventures in Australia

  • It was, as Toby told us, a laughing-jackass, or a gigantic kingfisher.

    Adventures in Australia


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