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  • n. A self-service laundry facility with coin-operated washing machines, dryers, and sometimes ironing or pressing machines, open to the public for washing clothing and household cloth items.


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From Laundromat, trademark of Westinghouse Electric Corporation for its washing machines, as a blend of laundry and automatic


  • Maybe you read in a magazine someplace that the laundromat is a good place to meet women.


  • Washing at a laundromat is one of the most frightening things a germophobe can do.

    Anhedonia (excerpt)

  • And I’ve recently discovered that revising in the laundromat is actually kind of fun.

    Tales from the Gray Cubicle «

  • Maybe you observe that your neighborhood laundromat is overcrowded, that there’s often lots of bored people waiting for a free machine, and you get it in your head that the area could use another one — maybe one with pinball machines or movies playing.

    Two Kinds of Innovation

  • I do dry my clothes at home though as it's much cheaper that way and the energy used to dry clothes at the laundromat is the same as here, only cheaper.

    My New Church Is a Laundromat

  • HORNG: You may think a laundromat is a strange place to do stand-up comedy.

    CNN Transcript Jun 3, 2003

  • Having the largest coin laundromat in Southeast Ohio, Vogue Swift plans to add wireless

    Parkersburg News and Sentinel

  • The laundromat is a service of Lamp Community, a homeless advocacy organization. - News

  • Police are looking for two suspects, who were caught on tape robbing a store in Dearborn A coin laundromat security tape captures a group of teenagers discussing how they've committed crimes. - News

  • He said the that since the laundromat is a permitted use of the structure, given the local zoning regulations, the only issue at hand was whether or not there is enough parking for such a use.

    New Haven Independent


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