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  • n. A flow of lava while it is still molten: also, congealed and cold lava which originally flowed in a stream.


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  • The volcanoes were, therefore, of the explosive type; and from all his observations he had concluded that the absence of lava-flows was due to the material within the crater being partly solid, or at least highly viscous, so that it could not flow like an ordinary lava-stream.

    The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria

  • St. Catalina, a populous and thriving town, was first overflowed by a lava-stream, and then a new crater burst forth on its very site, raising over it a hill 400 feet high.

    Wonders of Creation

  • When the lighter superficial lava is brought suddenly into contact with water, as when a lava-stream enters the sea, it becomes still lighter and more porous -- forming the well-known substance called pumice, so much used for polishing.

    Wonders of Creation

  • Hence on a level plain, and at some distance from its source, the lava-stream advances at a leisurely pace.

    Wonders of Creation

  • Even the sea cannot withstand the lava-stream, but retires on its approach; so that promontories stretching to a considerable distance from the shore are formed in this manner, when the molten matter hardens into stone.

    Wonders of Creation

  • Twelve miles from the crater, the lava-stream was between forty and fifty feet deep and nearly a mile in width.

    Wonders of Creation

  • The preacher straightened himself and with passionate sincerity flung out a torrent of warning and exhortation to his congregation -- a lava-stream of burning words that bit into their very souls.

    Swirling Waters

  • Like a fresh lava-stream flowing down close on the track of its predecessor, came the rush of the mother's passionate love for her son close on the passionate anger at his words.


  • But rave and rave though they might against me, the glare from the Symbol drove them shuddering back as though it had been a lava-stream; and Zaemon was not the man to hand me over to their fury until he had delivered formal sentence as the emissary of our Clan on the Sacred Mount.

    The Lost Continent

  • A small cavern near the village, forming the mouth of a deep fissure in the lava-stream, half-way up the cone, displays a phenomenon which the writer says he has often observed in volcanic formations.

    Ice-Caves of France and Switzerland


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