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  • n. The care and treatment of grass on a lawn.


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lawn +‎ care


  • It's illegal for someone to let their dog take a dump on my lawn; why should it be legal to drop an advertisement for their lawncare services?

    Stop phone book dumping now! (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • The other is a devoted family man who works hard in his own lawncare business for the past 40 years, despite a bad hip and a negligent VA.

    Pundits And Writers Start Hitting McCain For Non-Stop P.O.W. References

  • Have you ever thought about mosquite spraying and lawncare pesticides the most blatant and prolific forms of drug abuse, legalized, forced drug abuse, forced on those who know the dangers by idiot neighbors?

    Toxic America: The Great Adult Mosquito Spraying Scam, And More!

  • Mass immigration (versus targeted recruitement of elites) makes life better for rich people (cheaper lawncare) but worse for poor people (people who used to get $10 an hour to do lawncare).

    A Very Brief Primer in Immigration History Pt.2

  • So no house cleaning, no lawncare, no barberisting is that a word?...even the tango lessons didn't spark an interest...

    BlogHer Calling

  • Mr. Lewis, questioned on the stand for hours by Mr. Boies, testified that he saved the fruit of the vine in his refrigerator to provide the court evidence of his competitor's shoddy lawncare.

    Gore's Lawyer Has Lent Heft to a Feud of Many Years Between Lawn-Care Firms

  • And at an earlier debate, it was Perry who attacked Romney for having hired a lawncare service which repeatedly used illegal immigrants on Romney's property, causing Romney to say that he eventually told the contractor to not bring the undocumented workers because "I'm running for office, for Pete's sakes."


  • Rick Perry also seemed to gain little from his stinging attack at a debate in Las Vegas last month on Mitt Romney's use of illegal immigrants for lawncare.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Conn's Nasdaq: CONN was one of the few stocks to more than double last year, emphasizing furniture, appliances, and even lawncare gear that are tough sells in cyberspace.

  • Wildlife Service says homeowners use up to 10 times more lawncare products per acre than farmers use on their crops. - Financial News


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