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  • Saint Denis, Ruth 1878-1968. American choreographer and pioneer of modern dance. With her husband Ted Shawn she founded (1915) the influential Denishawn Dance School.


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  • According to Dr. Fiona Travis, those personality traits that are stereotypically lawyer-like contribute very little toward healthy a marriage.

    Sui Generis--a New York law blog

  • Obama delivers clear, simple, lawyer-like arguments, which are largely right, but which have all the impact of an air kiss.

    Frank A. Weil: Working With Roosevelt

  • In its natural lawyer-like way, the ABA also uses a very loose interpretation of terms to prevent non-lawyers from selling such services as simple, standard-form wills.

    Clifford Winston: The U.S. May Need More Lawyers!

  • The difference is, Hillary didn't push back against her negative story as proficiently - all people remember from her response is the laughable, lawyer-like term "misspoke."

    Rasmussen: Hillary Ahead By Just Five Points In Pennsylvania Primary

  • But the speakers were exceptionally well-qualified and articulate and academic rather than journalistic or lawyer-like in their argumentative style.

    Campus Crusade Creationist Cancellation

  • She shows a reckless disregard for the truth, he added, in lawyer-like escapist talk.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • In the book, he describes how Hillary Clinton fed some of the trumped-up scandals which bedeviled their presidency, simply by her lawyer-like refusal to release documents which might have proven their innocence.

    Eric Deggans: Did Hillary Clinton's Media Missteps Help Doom Her Campaign?

  • Turn, then, thy sharp, wire-drawing, lawyer-like ingenuity to the same task — make up my history as though thou wert shaping the blundering allegations of some blue-bonneted, hard-headed client, into a condescendence of facts and circumstances, and thou shalt be, not my Apollo — QUID TIBI CUM


  • This is precisely the kind of piecemeal policy dissemination that the Second Circuit struck down in Chatin, as inmates are not required to perform “the lawyer-like task of statutory interpretation by researching the text of three separate documents.”

    Recent Prisoner Free Exercise Litigation

  • After this speech, the only thing the public prosecutor could venture to say, and a flash of feminine — or, if you will, lawyer-like — cunning, he went to the door; then, turning round on the threshold, he added:

    Scenes from a Courtesan's Life


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