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  • n. The time between the initial stage of a project or policy and the appearance of results: a long lead-time in oil production because of the need for new exploration and drilling.


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  • The solution to this seeming paradox—called lead-time bias—is immediately obvious.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • As a consequence of this so-called lead-time bias, survival differences don't necessarily mean screening has prolonged anyone's life.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • There is a three-month lead-time for bespoke models, which can also have a badge attached with a family name or crest.

    Lasting Gifts for the Connoisseur's Kitchen

  • Over the longer term, the global footprint should enable Nokia to upsell these consumers although the lead-time is lengthy.

    Six Technology Best Buys

  • It's not necessarily that large organizations are beginning to share my sense of timing and impact of peak oil, although that will hasten the tipping point of awareness - it's that somehow I always thought that because Admiral Hyman Rickover knew well that this day would come (in the 1950's!) that 60 years would have been sufficient lead-time to assemble some credible plans.

    Chris Martenson, Ph.D.: Future Chaos: There Is No "Plan B"

  • I know you expect one, but especially given the long lead-time necessary to handle all of the effects, is there a date by which the network must say yes or no in order for the production to meet the hypothetical additional order?

    Ask Matt: Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Glee, the TV Laugh Track, and More!

  • Building a modern fighter jet, however, entails three years lead-time, with submarines taking five and aircraft carriers seven years to complete.

    Get On Board The Aviation Expansion

  • Due to long-acquisition lead-time involved, the Department has already initiated action to develop a competitive solicitation for the base life support requirements should it be unable to remain under the LOGCAP program.

    David Isenberg: The State Department Looks for Bliss

  • Maybe such a blunder can be explained by the long lead-time in book publishing, but a man with Mr. Gingrich's experience should have known long before the BP oil spill about the Interior Department's catastrophic coziness with offshore drillers; instead he apparently let ideology eclipse reality.

    A Newt Gingrich Time Warp

  • Its Department of Energy, while working diligently on long lead-time alternative energy issues, seems asleep at the switch on real time economic concerns related to the current high price of oil.

    The Billion Dollar Day Extortion: A Somnolent Administration and Dysfunctional Congress' Gift to the American People


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