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  • n. Nautical The edge of a sail that faces the wind.
  • n. The front edge of an airplane propeller blade or wing.
  • n. The foremost position in a trend or movement; the vanguard: "a company on the leading edge of machine-tool technology” ( Christian Science Monitor).
  • n. Someone or something occupying such a position: "Together they are the leading edge of a new wing of historians known as cliometricians” ( Timothy Foote).

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. The frontmost edge of a wing or other airfoil of an aircraft; sometimes contains slots or slats
  • n. The foremost part of a trend etc; a vanguard
  • n. At the forefront of practice or technology, contrast with bleeding edge

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. the front edge of an airfoil; same as advancing edge, above.
  • n. the front edge of anything that moves; also used metaphorically, . See also cutting edge.

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  • n. forward edge of an airfoil


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  • Despite the fact that I am clearly perched on the leading edge of future epochs, riding the ailerons of an age when man shall even fly to distant stars.

    Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware

  • It was far from easy, keeping pace with the leading edge of some of the most esoteric science, but Dr. Dannyboy was resourceful and, despite his unfashionable address, charming.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • Only instead of hot air, the device he held spewed forth a billowing cloud of supercooled liquid nitrogen, which instantly turned the leading edge of the mudflow into a solid crust that acted like a dam of sorts, funneling the rest of the oncoming mud off and over the outer edge of the ramp!

    Seven Deadly Wonders

  • She was alive, yet still earth-bound as she taxied slowly to the extremity of the flying field and headed into the wind, her nose slanting into the air and her pilot seated in his strange new office atop her graceful wings, the leading edge straight, the trailing edge tapering to a rounded tip.

    The HurricaneStory

  • It appeared that hundreds of tiles had been damaged and the scars extended outboard toward the carbon-composite panels on the leading edge of the wing.

    Riding Rockets

  • The broken ends of two arrows showed from the blood-matted feathers in the leading edge of his left wing, and in his left thigh.

    Elephant in the City

  • Thousands of silica tiles glued to the belly of the craft and sheets of carbon bolted to the leading edge of the wings and nose would protect it from the 3,000-degree heat of reentry.

    Riding Rockets

  • I wobble to the leading edge of the queen-bed-sized shelf to peer down the Big Drop.

    127 Hours

  •     The skirmishers engaged the leading edge of the Korlisian troops, firing slings and light bows.

    The Brothers' War


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