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  • adj. resembling a leaf


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  • The idea behind this pendant lamp, which comes flat-packed and ready to customize, is simple: leaf-like petals surround a central fixture and can be moved and arranged to suit individual tastes and lighting strategies — fan the petals out completely for maximum illumination, or stagger for more shade.

    Jessica Mischner | Inhabitat

  • The creative leaf-like pavilion was built for a private residence in order to be a part of the landscape, with everything that implies.

    Leaf by Lime Studio

  • Keegan's lyrical novella was originally a New Yorker short story, but it has gained greatly from this expansion: the narrative breathes along with the child slowly detaching from her cramped, impoverished home and starting to unfurl, leaf-like, in an atmosphere of attentiveness.

    Foster, by Claire Keegan – review

  • But in my memory, these things are illustrations sketched on cheap brown paper, turning to lint in some undisclosed pocket — along with my first dog's Jameson's limp, leaf-like ear, in the road in Las Vegas, his beige torso pancaked to the curb, and the Oldsmobile.

    A Fish

  • When I held page D7 to the light " Art: Painting From Another Angle ," by Willard Spiegelman, May 18, I observed not only leaf-like shapes within Carlos Cruz-Diez's "Physichromie 174" but a far more substantial shape: Juwan Howard, the 6-foot-9 Miami Heat forward featured on the back page.

    There Are Many Ways To Appreciate Art

  • The ceremony kicked off with a small boy floating down from the sky on a leaf-like carriage lit in green.

    Asian Games Opening Ceremony 2010 (PHOTOS)

  • Adult have two pairs of wings that are leaf-like in color and shape.

    What The Hell Am I?

  • Very small, individual, simple flowers (florets) are grouped in inflorescences called spikelets, which are subtended by small leaf-like bracts, the glumes.


  • Later, I go to brush what looks like a dried leaf off his back haunch (he falls over when he tries to groom himself), and it turned out to be something rather less leaf-like.

    For the Record « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • It can be folded flat for storage and charged by “opening a leaf-like petal”-remember these are the people who make USB-chargable AA batteries.

    Moixa Interface Sphere | Impact Lab


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