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  • n. Alternative form of leaf blower.


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  • The work developed via performances around the world (I caught it in '08 at the Hollywood Bowl -- complete with onstage leafblower as an iconic celebration of Los Angeles), and this DVD (also on Blu-ray) represents the full flowering of the performance, live at London's quite snazzy Royal Albert Hall, in October of 2009.

    Gregory Weinkauf: Not the Messiah : Monty Python Strikes Again!

  • I'm guessing the company's helmet motto comes into play when you hit 45mph on a downhill and try to stop your 60lb leafblower with the "front linear pull brake and rear coaster brake."

    Code of Living: Choose Your Faithway

  • (In fact, one of my quintessential Phyllis memories was driving by early one Fall afternoon to see her out blowing the leaves with her electric leafblower -- in her flannel nightgown and bedroom slippers, puffing on a cigarette held in her free hand, which she would extend between puffs at arm's length to knock off its ashes.)

    Get a peek at Maison Mason today

  • The first impact could be to lower demand for such goods, since one leafblower can serve more people ... but it will also lower the cost of using them, so in the long run it may even increase demand.

    Esther Dyson: Release 0.9: When 2.0 -- Adding the Fourth Dimension

  • The function may be to make money, or simply to remind your brother-in-law that you really need the leafblower back by next Saturday.

    Esther Dyson: Release 0.9: When 2.0 -- Adding the Fourth Dimension

  • Well, technically, I read the ARC copy of Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is Illuminated, but that doesn't count, because I read it years after the book itself had been published and years after the awesome movie adaptation came out, featuring Gogol Bordello's lead singer Eugene Hutz as Alex, and Jonathan Safran Foer himself as the leafblower man in the graveyard scene. ...


  • I need to get a picture of the guys that ride the leafblower-powered converted Iron-Horse bikes here in PDX.

    From the Tour to the Torrid: It's Getting Ugly Out There

  • Save yourself a whole lot of grief and buy the cheapest electrical leafblower you can find.

    The Port Discover Science Center

  • I-save ang iyong sarili sa isang buong pulutong ng mga pighati at bumili ng mga de-koryenteng Cheapest leafblower maaari mong mahanap. »2,007» Hunyo

  • Too bad Audi or Mercedes doesn't make a nice drive around mower/leafblower.

    I guess I'd better rake my leaves tomorrow.


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