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  • n. Alternative spelling of leaf-cutter.


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leaf +‎ cutter


  • One leafcutter nest was found to contain 1,920 chambers, of which 238 were fungus chambers.

    World Wide Mind

  • Later I look it up on the internet and find out the leafcutter, of theMegachilespecies, are natives.

    Garden Goddess for Hire

  • In the U.K., a website called Edible. com sells toffee scorpion candy, giant toasted leafcutter ants and oven-baked tarantulas.

    Would You Like Flies With That? Bug Eaters Try to Get Some Buzz

  • The alfalfa leafcutter bee is an important pollinator for alfalfa seed in western United States and Canada.


  • Dussutour, whose earlier work showed that leafcutter ants organize themselves into separate and tightly-regulated streams of load-carrying and unburdened individuals when traveling in opposite directions on wide paths, was curious about their dynamics on narrow paths such as the tip of a treebranch — the ant equivalent of a one-lane road.

    everyone knows an ant can’t get stuck in traffic | clusterflock

  • To this day, his lab at Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology houses lovingly tended colonies of leafcutter ants from Costa Rica.

    Wilson's World

  • In the wonderful Carl Frederick story about ants, the science comes in one - or two-sentence bits: Don't you realize there are as many neurons in a leafcutter [ant] hive as in twenty humans?

    Story Log

  • The leafcutter ant, bereft of its favored tree species, goes extinct.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • The leafcutter ant depends on the same tree for its forage.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • On the other hand, spider mites, grasshoppers, and salt-marsh caterpillars have attacked some plants in Mesa, Arizona, and leafcutter ants have caused damage in parts of Latin America.

    3 Production


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