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  • v. Present participle of leaguer.


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  • There were battles in the open, and leaguering of towns, but his was the enchanted corps moving from country to country through victory, and always the same comrades were about the camp-fire at night.

    Gilian The Dreamer His Fancy, His Love and Adventure

  • In the morning and evening the defiant, rolling challenge of the English drums came throbbing up through the gloomy cypress swamps to where the grim riflemen of Tennessee were lying behind their log breastworks, and both day and night the stillness was at short intervals broken by the sullen boom of the great guns which, under Jackson's orders, kept up a never-ending fire on the leaguering camp of his foes.

    The Naval War of 1812 Or the History of the United States Navy during the Last War with Great Britain to Which Is Appended an Account of the Battle of New Orleans

  • He lies through the leaguering hours in his bunk like a winter-hidden beast,


  • Yield not to these leaguering Danes, Philippa, but if thou dost, when I am back from the Welsh wars, I'll hie me over sea

    Historic Boys Their Endeavours, Their Achievements, and Their Times

  • The seven tank commanders conferred and decided on leaguering where they were: ‘The blackness of night was upon us now, and we felt fairly secure in its impenetrability.

    Sealing Their Fate

  • Ritchie had disobligingly moved the 4th Armoured Brigade out of the way–Crisp and Co. spent the day practising a new night leaguering system at Bir Berraneb–and Crüwell’s panzers only ran over the 11th Indian Brigade on their way to relieve the Blackshirts at Bir el Gubi.

    Sealing Their Fate

  • And I have so wrought upon the host 'leaguering Constantinople that they have sent ten thousand men under the Emir Tarkash to succour the capitves, of whom there be now left but few; it is therefore my object that ye sally forth against them with all your power while this day endureth; and that ye fall on them in their tents and that ye leave them not till ye shall have slain them to the last man; for, verily the Messiah looketh down upon you and the

    Arabian nights. English


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