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  • v. rest on for support


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  • She was no longer the virgin who had danced merrily with Chastelard and then been bewildered by his response; the careless queen who liked to lean against people, whispering secrets, warming herself; the nonchalant woman who could sit up late at night alone with Riccio and think nothing of it.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • I go down a track quietly to the river, lean against the trunk of a poplar to get closer to the birds and listen: the drone of a motorbike coming up through the hairpin bends of the valley, the hollow clatter of water over pebbles, the hissing of bamboos, the slight rattle of poplar leaves overhead and, above all this, the astonishing volume of nightingales at close quarters.


  • She was pulling his shirt off his shoulders when he drew back, mouth a bitten-red line and eyes bright, and pushed himself off from the counter to lean against the kitchen wall about a foot away.

    The Demons Covenant

  • In the elevator, when I lean against the wall, some of the tar from the raft wood wipes off my shirt onto the brown-and-white-flecked enamel wall.


  • Let us go hunting marvels down this gay path, where larch and hazel hang out their rosy flowers; where green curtains of mist hide more miracles; where there are wet forget-me-nots beside the grey cloud-lakes; where rainbows are; where the aspens lean against the warm west and seem to murmur of a Being in whose presence we may rejoice unafraid.

    The Spring of Joy: A Little Book of Healing

  • As Osburga turned the pages Alfred saw the pretty pictures, so he left his play, and came to lean against his mother's knee, to look at them.

    An Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls

  • You lean against the high iron fence, and looking through the bars watch the boys frolic and play, just as visitors looked in the Eighteenth Century; and I've never been by Christ's Hospital yet when curious people did not stand and stare.

    Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great

  • Wriggling back to lean against the pillows piled against the headboard, she crossed her arms and fixed her gaze on the door.

    The Perfect Lover

  • Gwenny struggled to heave it up to lean against the wall, sitting.

    Pet Peeve

  • Mark Benton perched on the desk edge and Lineham went to lean against the window-sill.

    No Laughing Matter


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