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  • Nor onlie so, Beyond my sex & kind he did wth learninge Lattin decke mind [sic] [LINE 30] +

    My Name Was Martha: A Renaissance Woman's Autobiographical Poem

  • Kinge James raingned at that tyme, and though he was a Prince of more learninge and knowledge then any other of that age, and really delighted more in bookes, and in the conversation of learned men, yett of all wise men livinge, he was the most delighted and taken with handsome persons, and with fyne clothes; He begann to be weary of his

    Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

  • He was amongst the few excellent men, who never had, nor ever could have an enimy, but such a one who was an enimy to all learninge and virtue, and therfore would never make himselfe knowne.

    Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

  • He was very deere to the L'd Falkelande, with whome he spent as much tyme as he could make his owne, and as that Lord would impute the speedy progresse he made in the Greeke tounge, to the information and assistance he had from M'r Earles, so M'r Earles would frequently professe that he had gott more usefull learninge by his conversation at Tew (the L'd Falkelands house) then he had at Oxforde.

    Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

  • Sunn made a notable progresse, by an early eminence in practice and learninge, insomuch as he was Recorder of London, Sollicitor generall, and Kings Atturny before he was forty yeeres of age, a rare ascent, all which offices he discharged, with greate abilityes, and singular reputation of integrity: In the first yeere after the death of Kinge

    Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

  • He was a man of greate partes and extraordinary indowments of nature, not unadorned with some addicion of Arte and learninge, though that agayne was more improoved and illustrated by the other, for he had a readynesse of conception, and sharpnesse of expressyon, which made his learninge thought more, then in truth it was.

    Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

  • M'r Cowly had not made a flight beyounde all men, with that modesty yett to own much of his to the example and learninge of Ben.

    Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

  • Parish and the countrie therabouts, of ministers also at ther metinge and of schole maisters and others that seek for learninge and knowledge, above six hundreth bookes, and some other such things as I thought might helpe for their delight, and refresh students, as globes mappes pictures and some other things not every wheare to bee seene.

    The Care of Books

  • Children and yong men, both for learninge and maners.

    The Scholemaster

  • Syr John Cheke, for all the learninge you haue: And I know verie well my selfe, that you did teach the Quene.

    The Scholemaster


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