leather-jacket love


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  • n. Attributive form of leather jacket


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  • Jan had been so gentle before she began drinking gin with her leather-jacket babe-pals from work.

    Be Here

  • Despite her shellacked flip and dowdy suit, Gore seethes with leather-jacket girl-group defiance.

    'The T.A.M.I. Show': A Groundbreaking '60s Concert

  • But Rove's rise to a big White House office and now his role guiding $50 million in corporate-directed dollars through an ad hoc group called America's Crossroads has made him a scion of a conservative elite, an expert on the playbook of politics who met his match in a "grizzled" -- Rove's own word -- leather-jacket wearing Vietnam vet named Russ Murphy, leader of the Glenn Beck-inspired Delaware 9-12 Patriots.

    Will Bunch: Karl Rove and the Tea Party: What Really Happened

  • Remember the final seasons of Saved by the Bell where they had the leather-jacket clad badass Tori brought in as a new character?

    You All Could Get It/ Word to the Slant on My Houston Fitted

  • He could be her really hot, slightly-femme, short with a fabulous smile, leather-jacket clad Dad!

    Archive 2005-04-01

  • "Yo man, what's up?" said Mr. Burns to a leather-jacket clad buddy by the bar.

    Easy Riders Feud as Dennis Hopper Cheers Peter Fonda's Non-Oscar

  • He looked across to the leather-jacket and shook his head.

    Frost at Christmas

  • He was about as far from the appearance of the actual blue-denim, leather-jacket engineers he had worked with as Maori in ancient battle array.

    The Sky Is Falling

  • Among the Diptera, the 'leather-jacket' grub of the crane-fly, feeding like the wireworm on roots, has a larval life extending through the greater part of a year, while the maggot of the bluebottle, feeding on a rich meat diet, becomes mature in a few days.

    The Life-Story of Insects

  • In a larva of the crane-fly family (Tipulidae, fig. 20) living underground and eating plant-roots, like the well-known 'leather-jacket' grubs of the large

    The Life-Story of Insects


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