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  • n. A female homosexual involved in BDSM practices.


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leather +‎ dyke


  • Second, because there seem to be so many more non-pro lesbian doms as a proportion of the leatherdyke scene than there are non-pro het femdoms in the het scene, it suggests that women who have already dealt with shame and guilt issues are more comfortable with domination.

    Come Hither

  • However, having attended a few leatherdyke parties over the years, I know that in their own world, non-pro lesbian doms are quite visible.

    Come Hither

  • (I checked in with friends who knew her and was assured that she was an out and proud leatherdyke who would have had no problem with this information being publicly posted as such.)

    Sex Geek

  • About ten months ago, this leatherdyke with disabilties, she told me I "looked like a dyke," to her and I almost fell on the floor, because in twelve years since I'd been out, she was the first lesbian to ever say that to me. *smile* Can't say I've ever experienced anything but "you're not one of us," messages both Coming Out times, so, *shrug,* can't relate on the Coming Out Gay and finding acceptance theme.

    Feeling 'Normal' for an afternoon.

  • To my mind, it makes no difference whether we identify as, I don’t know, let’s say, a genderfuck leatherdyke, or a lesbian butch: we all reify gender somehow.

    Gender activism begins with gender rage


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