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  • n. A person who makes things from leather.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

leather +‎ worker


  • For awhile, this leatherworker I met at a con promised to make me one -- with the 1558 map of Prester John burned into the leather!

    Purses, the Devil

  • This critter was a 10-footer before leatherworker Benny Orman (ph) got to him.

    CNN Transcript Dec 30, 2009

  • To keep the sun off in summer, and the rain in winter, the leatherworker apprentice explained.

    The Dreaming Void

  • He agreed with the dwarf that the thong was undoubtedly constructed by some great dwarven leatherworker.

    The Soulforge

  • The leatherworker resided in one hut; the baker with two cooking pits and one clay oven in another; the falcons and their trainer with his variety of cages and perches in yet another.

    Gentle Warrior

  • "I understood the rules, Baron," the leatherworker replied.

    Gentle Warrior

  • How seriously can you take a crackhead who, when he exhausts the holes on his belt, thinks only that he will have to find a leatherworker when he gets to Rome to punch new ones.

    Who Is IOZ?

  • The Prophet darned his own garments and among his wives and concubines had a trader, a warrior, a leatherworker and an imam. Top Stories

  • Ukrainian steampunk leatherworker Bob Basset's latest creation, the RP2, is a very fine variant on the Raptop pilot mask he putup a few days ago.

    Boing Boing

  • As far as leg enchants go, there's a wonderful leatherworker made armor kit called Clefthide Leg Armor that adds 30 stamina and 10 agility.

    WarCry Network : Latest News


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