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  • adv. In a lecherous manner, in the way of a lecher.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a lecherous manner; lustfully; lewdly.


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lecherous +‎ -ly


  • I fall into the same mind-frame, thinking lecherously, I want it all.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • “Sixty-five,” another man proposed, smiling lecherously, his tongue flicking out and licking his lips.

    Stealing Candy

  • Ten days was enough of it, though, for she was an avid little beast who preferred quantity to quality-unlike Elspeth, for example, whose beguiling innocence masked the most lecherously inventive mind of the last century, and whose conduct on our honeymoon would have caused the good citizens of nearby Troon to burn her at the stake, if they'd known.


  • I goggled at her lecherously for about half a second, and then realized that we were not alone.

    The Sky Writer

  • "It doesn't matter, darling," Divine coos lecherously, dismissing his nosiness, "go fix yourself a sandwich."

    John Waters: Leslie Van Houten: A Friendship, Part 1 of 5

  • Reuters distributes this shot which, from the way everyone is caught in the moment, seems to capture Obama ogling, or at least gamely distracted by this junior G-8 delegate (set up by the notorious Sarkozy seeming to also look on lecherously).

    Michael Shaw: Reading the Pictures: Reuters Obama Booty Call

  • He sees in her a vision of the powerful love he now regrets leaving behind, and he becomes lecherously attached to her, conspiring to keep her close to him under the guise of helping her father, his friend.

    Come and Get It

  • The question i repeatedly ask the stalker is if someone that age, with their own friends and boyfriends, would be remotely interested in continuing a dialogue with me if I was coming on lecherously?

    [damian] and the scouring of the sphere

  • It is his guilt ridden consciousness that makes him want his wife, sister, and mother to dress conservatively because he will look at every women lecherously be it at his workplace, the bus stop, the restaurants or even the slums, and very sadly even if the modesty of the women is being outraged he has the gaze at her, it is his way of protecting his loved ones from himself, his archetype.

    the Shameless Indian Male- the Guwahati Incident

  • "If it gets any worse, Al and I won't be able to talk to each other between-" She smiled lecherously at her lover.

    The Cardinal of the Kremlin


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