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  • n. Plural form of lect.


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  • At least concerning medial positions, Bailey notes in Essays on time-based linguistic analysis (1996), p. 302, fn.4 (see link): "The [tšː] that one might expect in Attic comes from *tw (τϝ) as well as from *ky [cy]; this is found in Attic, Boeotian, Cretan, and some Euboean lects, while other lects (especially Ionic and Doric) had already moved on to σσ [šː]."

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  • So the main differences that I can see between punctuation rules and 'rules' of spoken language are (1) that you learn punctuation rules at a later age, and (2) maybe if change doesn't affect punctuation as quickly as it does spoken language, then you might have more of an accretion of archaic rules, or maybe more layers of different punctuation 'lects' that people are exposed to.

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  • Conduits can carry many things, and lects can concentrate much energy.

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  • The greatest intel - lects of the time, and some of the most imposing Chris - tian figures of any age are the Fathers of the Church who cluster in the latter half of the century — almost all of them highborn, enjoying the best education of the time, and trained in the monastic movement, yet emerging also as great men of the world — Saint Basil,


  • Gerard (1759; 1774) distinguishes genius from imagination: the second col - lects new materials, the first orders them into a whole according to judgment and to taste.

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  • In the general level of his life he was below the standard of his neighbours and knew that he was below it; in the sudden bounds and flights of his intellect and of his imagination he was immeasurably above the intel-lects of his neighbours and knew that he was immeasurably above them.

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  • We believe the time has come for a subscriber fee structure that ref lects the value of exclusivity; one that pays less for content that's available free on other platforms and one that pays more for content that's exclusively available to cable and satellite customers.

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  • Despite waning exhibitor support, which ref lects the continuing housing malaise, the show's producer, Nielsen Expositions, is anticipating nearly 35,000 attendees, representing a 40 - percent increase over last year's event in Atlanta.

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  • To elect ACRE for a farm, producers must complete Form CCC-509 ACRE, which lects ACRE for the farm through crop year 2012. - Local News

  • It se - lects the best statistical forecasting method for each time series and automatically generates the forecasts in report and graph - ical form.

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