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  • n. Plural form of leeboard.


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  • They were shallow boats without a deep keel, often rigged with leeboards, and were at risk of capsizing in a sudden squall.

    Champlain's Dream

  • Their course for the first two miles was dead to windward; but the raft sailed remarkably near the wind, and held her own even better than her designer had believed to be possible -- the long, flat sides of the two pontoons seeming to act the parts of leeboards, and so preventing her from making any perceptible leeway.

    The Missing Merchantman

  • It is clear, that if both the guaras be thrust quite down, and held fast in a perpendicular direction, they will offer a broad surface towards the side, and thus, by acting like the leeboards of a river-barge, or the keel of a ship, prevent the balsa from drifting sidewise or dead to leeward.

    The Lieutenant and Commander

  • _leeboards_, such as are used even at the present day by Dutch ships.

    The Giant of the North Pokings Round the Pole


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