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  • adv. Leftward; towards the left.


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  • Much pressure from the Right, insisting that Obama, unlike GWB with his massive wins, has no mandate for any kind of leftwards move on policy.

    David Horton: A Liberal Bias

  • Any attempt by the UUP to move "leftwards" (as an aside I find the designation of hard line unionism as right wing and its opposite left wing irritating and inaccurate but it is a useful shorthand) resulted in segments of unionism moving towards the DUP or else the UUP splitting and moving back rightwards.

    Slugger O'Toole

  • How JFK managed to turn his family leftwards rather than further to the right, without alienating his father or his brothers, is the true stuff of the Kennedys' history - and was nowhere to be found in the script: a script that never even mentioned PT 109, where JFK showed exemplary courage and leadership in war!

    Nigel Hamilton: The Kennedys

  • At the end of his life he was still moving leftwards.

    Letters: Co-ops, cuts and the coalition

  • MPs could stand in front of Big Ben and lean leftwards.

    In praise of … leaning towers | Editorial

  • Thus, Obama's strategy was to start centrist, with the expectation that Congress would push the bill leftwards, with greater spending.

    Specter: Thank Me For Extracting That Pound of Flesh

  • So when Mandelson and the Blairites suggest any slight move leftwards from New Labour would be fatal, consider how oddly disorientated and distorted their position on the spectrum became.

    Labour's vain, venal has-beens should bow out and shut up

  • The threat of another Great Depression initially moved the global political climate leftwards.

    Despite their hopes of a great revival, the left got left behind

  • I would have thought that anyone dependent on state funding – social workers, teachers, local authorities etc – would tend to lean slightly leftwards, whilst anyone who makes a living through private enterprise would probably have a slight predilection the other way.

    646 astronauts

  • That's the problem: most answers to the happiness conundrum point leftwards, 180 degree opposite to the Cameron/Osborne direction.

    An unhappiness index is more David Cameron's style


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