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  • n. A person who is radically liberal politically; one whose political viewpoint is leftwing


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  • How hilarious that centre right liberal Mark has been called a "leftwinger" by someone who by definition therefore has to be a right wing extremist who then goes on to pretend that everything in the Hannan garden is rosy.

    Daniel Hannan's opponents are using playground tactics

  • hmm. on the al franken blog, a troll showed up calling himself "leftwinger" red flags went up the very instant i saw that oh-too-obvious moniker. he posted a couple of innocuous comments, then couldn't contain himself any longer and went on to demonstrate how very little resemblance he held to a genuine left winger.

    The funny that is "Hunter."

  • A rightwinger could read nothing but the Nation and still come away a rightwinger, and ditto for a leftwinger whose only news source was Fox.

    Matthew Yglesias » Conservatives Prepare to Abandon Newfound Love for CBO

  • However, there is no reason to assume either that anyone who maed it or ofund it funny is a ‘leftwinger’ or that ‘leftwingers’ are more tolerant of rape than anyone else. tamerlane: In East Prussia the Soviet Army engaged in a deliberate policy, instigated at the highest levels, of raping any women they found.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Not a May Day Parade

  • However, there is no reason to assume either that anyone who maed it or ofund it funny is a ‘leftwinger’ or that ‘leftwingers’ are more tolerant of rape than anyone else.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Not a May Day Parade

  • If you're a leftwinger, the causes of the violence and looting are straightforward: they're the result of monstrous inequality and historic spending cuts; while the youth running amok through branches of JD Sports are what happens when you offer a generation plastic consumerism rather than meaningful jobs.

    UK riots: political classes see what they want to see

  • She is also keen to get the new system established before the decisive round of the French presidential elections in May since the leftwinger, François Hollande, has pledged to renegotiate the pact while outlining public spending plans that could put France in breach of the rules.

    Germany to set the terms for saving the euro

  • After narrowly surviving a period of expulsion from the Scottish National party for membership of the socialist republican 79 Group within the party, the cocky and fresh-faced young leftwinger entered Westminster as MP for Banff and Buchan in 1987.

    Alex Salmond: a canny political operator, but not infallible

  • The rebellion has begun, the veteran leftwinger Manolis Glezos told TV reporters.

    Greece approves austerity cuts to secure eurozone bailout and avoid debt default

  • Yet that debate was notable for a veteran Tory sceptic, Bill Cash, acting (as a Labour leftwinger, Kelvin Hopkins, put it) as "a restraining voice" against demands by younger colleagues such as Douglas Carswell who were pressing for an amendment to demand a cut in the budget.

    Can David Cameron strike a hard bargain in Brussels?


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