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  • n. A band secured around the leg, serving as part of the dress, and forming the only or principal covering of the leg, now worn by some Italian peasants, etc.; one of a set of bands passing diagonally around the leg below the knee and forming a defense for armed men.


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  • The band she meant is probably a leg-band put on by either DU or USFWS upon return the hunter receives acknowledgement including information on where the duck was banded, sometimes a cap or tee shirt.

    Duck, It's Hillary!

  • THAT is when you know your ass is big: When you have to wear panties so large that you can accidently wear the leg-band around your frikin waist!!!!

    chubbychic Diary Entry

  • At the bank she paused, removed her belt and dagger, dropping them to the ground at her side; then unfastening the lower edge of her garment from the metal leg-band to which it was attached, slipped it off her left shoulder and let it drop to the ground around her feet.

    The People That Time Forgot

  • He was about to pass out, when his sack caught against the fence on one side: he tried to free it, but then his leg-band caught on the other side and came undone.

    Twenty-Three Tales

  • He looked at his foot, and there was the tiny boy holding him by the leg-band, while the master of the hut and the old woman were looking at him through the window.

    Twenty-Three Tales

  • The body she inhabited was that of a woman who had inherited millions, but that was not known and didn't matter'the scarf was white, the edging blue, and there was that same little breaking sense of pleasure as she sat in the back seat of the taxi, and, oblivious of the driver, held the scarf in one hand, looking at it fixedly, while her other hand crept up under her tweed skirt and beneath the leg-band of her white panties, and that one long dark finger took care of the business that needed to be taken care of in a single merciless stroke.

    The Drawing of the Three

  • study, and survey birds, we photograph them, we leg-band, color-band, neck-collar, and radio-tag them to track their daily movements, we use radar to track their seasonal migrations, and we erect surveillance cameras to watch and record their most intimate behaviors.

    Birders as Voyeurs


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