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  • n. A violent thug, especially one employed as an enforcer by a criminal organization.
  • n. A person whose job is to break the legs of poultry in a food processing facility.
  • n. A tackle or other on-field maneuver capable of breaking a player's leg.
  • n. A demanding bicycling competition or the course on which such a competition is held.
  • n. A cricketer who bowls leg breaks.
  • n. A leg break ball.


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  • On July 10, while his former RadioShack teammates push from Issoire to Saint-Flour, a Tour stage known as a leg-breaker, Armstrong will be in Davis, Calif., leading a bike race to benefit his foundation.

    Lance Armstrong's 'Retirement'

  • It was what professionals term a "leg-breaker" and Henderson could consider himself mightily fortunate to escape.

    Young guns fail to fire Chelsea past Liverpool's quality in depth | David Hytner

  • Among their many reporting coups, Barrett discovered that Giuliani's father was a mob enforcer and leg-breaker, and that he served time in prison under an assumed name.

    Len Levitt: Ray Kelly: Runnin' Scared?

  • Not even LBJ, the greatest leg-breaker the Senate and Presidency have ever seen, could government by fiat - even with huge Democratic majorities he had to compromise on a range of issues to get things done.

    Mike Lux: Challenges, But No Excuses

  • Freak of nature, beast of burden, hulking outcast, medieval prize fighter, Viking raider… God’s own leg-breaker.

    Boom! Studios Sneak Peek of the Week | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • But the 13. 1-mile leg-breaker offers the Spaniard the chance to lock down another distinction: the greatest climber in Tour de France history.

    Contador’s Other Quest: Best Climber Ever

  • Maybe they loved it a little too much; was it coincidence that the mob started its long decline right after Puzo showed every humble leg-breaker how to turn his tragic saga into a best seller?

    Bush Prepares For The Blitz

  • So if you owe internal revenue, a few bucks in back taxes, didn't be surprised if a leg-breaker named Vito shows up on your porch demanding money.

    CNN Transcript Aug 22, 2006

  • "Hikers would call this leg-breaker country," he said.

    A Hole In Space

  • Together they hauled the leg-breaker up the hill, parting at the snow-caked, wandering flights of steps, which seemed weary and worn with their endless task of climbing the mountain to Madigan's door.

    The Madigans


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