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  • n. Plural form of legalist.


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  • Many homemakers in the 50's wore dresses and were not called "legalists" --- nor were the Victorians called "legalists" at the time.

    Managing the Home

  • I was actually trying to single out Shang Yang from the rest of the 'legalists', and tried to argue that the later legalists probably have mis-understood Shang's spirit and believes. in other words, calling Shang a legalist is a misnomer.

    Misnomer of the legalist Shang Yang, and how to fix the mess in China's legal system

  • Curious archeo-legalists will enjoy its exotic stupidity, so impractical that everybody in France laughs at it with shame, including the members of Sarkozy's locked-down majority party who didn't dare to vote against it.

    Boing Boing

  • For legalists, the admonition derived from the Parens Patriae concept in English common law, the notion that the King was ultimately the "father" of all children and, therefore, the state could intercede to protect them.

    Bob Burnett: Suffer the Little Children

  • The system is run by legalists, members of a closed profession with its own standards, standards that frequently clash with the popular will.

    Matthew Yglesias » Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism

  • It's interesting that those who tell modestly dressed ladies that they are legalists (or imply it) are actually applying man-made fashion rules to the modest ladies and judging them "guilty" according to that man-made standard.

    18th and 19th Century Country Women

  • The sort of legalists who get offended by the content of fantasy novels (but read them anyway) and then write books about how offended they are cannot possibly be the target audience for a fantasist.

    Why Christians Should Go Ahead and Be Pagan

  • I would never dream of attacking them or calling them legalists or mocking them.

    The Value of Clothing in Creating a Mood

  • Not one of the scholars attacked in Helprin's book (as he describes us, "little professors in glasses" leading "a bunch of wacked-out muppets" (18); "legalists" who "are incompetent and wrong" (128)) opposes copyright.

    Lawrence Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a Review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism)

  • But there self-centered legalists from every area of culture.

    Hey, Titus came back.


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