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  • n. legging

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The rim of a cask.
  • n. See legging.


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  • I guess he's getting in as much of the "leggin'-it" as he can before ... well, before whatever happens. Stories / Popular

  • Moccasins an 'leggin's are spoilt, an' my eyes are nippin '.

    Kiddie the Scout

  • He's dressed in his best blankets an 'leggin's; an' his feathers an 'gay colours makes him a overwhelmin' match for peacocks.

    Wolfville Nights

  • I'm not pulling your leg man, I'll not be leggin ya! by

    OpEdNews - Diary: Rob Kall Radio Show with David Ray Griffin Tonight

  • Common dyke an 'in the road; an' when I was comin 'hame I saw him leggin' in the Loan wi 'the orange box on his heid.

    My Man Sandy

  • Dismounting from his horse, he then takes from his leggin the butcher-knife that he always carries with him, and sticks the animal in the throat.

    What I Saw in California

  • I saw two geese leggin 'it back as fast as they could go, and each one scoldin' the other one – we'll have a good spell of winter yet, I am afraid, in spite of our two warm days and all the signs of Spring.

    Purple Springs

  • I can't stick my head out of the tent without someone's calling, "Sgt. Greene, have you got me any leggin laces?" or shoe laces, or tent pins, as the case may

    Paul Eliot Green Papers (#3693). Selected letters, 1917-1919

  • But what the ---- Meanwhile I was leggin 'it down towards the village.

    The House of Torchy

  • Then came our riflemen marching as escort, smart and gay in their brown forest-dress, the green thrums rippling and flying from sleeve and leggin 'and open double-cape, and the raccoon-tails all a-bobbing behind their caps like the tails that April lambkins wriggle.

    The Hidden Children


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