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  • n. Plural form of legionary.


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  • The heart of the Roman army consisted of the heavy infantrymen, that is, the legionaries.

    The Spartacus War

  • Now fourteen somewhat under-strength cohorts, the wretched men who had lived through it swallowed both fear and pride to work frantically at becoming the kind of legionaries Crassus demanded.

    Fortune's Favorites

  • The procession arrived at the Coliseum where Julius Caesar (Padre John Ledgerwood) was crowned and the legionaries fought the Britons.

    The Roman Holiday

  • After the band came an elephant, Nubians, dancing girls and legionaries.

    The Roman Holiday

  • My own twenty legionaries were close to hand and in readiness.

    Chapter 17

  • Exported around the empire by legionaries, harpastum involved keeping possession of a ball by skipping tackles and passing to team‑mates.

    Six Nations 2011: Stadio Flamino dig to reveal Roman 'City of the Dead'

  • Thus Caesar ordered his legionaries or Cleopatra her slaves.


  • In 2008, when he died, the legionaries released a press release - well, they put it on their Web site - saying that he had gone to heaven - a bit of hubris, I would modestly say.

    Latino Catholics Confronted By Sting Of Sex Abuse Scandal

  • But it goes on to say that that life was hidden from the great majority of legionaries, above all because of a system of relationships constructed by Father Maciel, who was adept at creating alibis for himself and winning the trust, confidence and silence of those around him, reinforcing his role as a charismatic founder.

    Latino Catholics Confronted By Sting Of Sex Abuse Scandal

  • Caesar's most brilliant campaign was against a united Gaul under King Vercingetorix, who managed to raise an army of over 250,000 Gauls against Caesar's 50,000 legionaries.

    President Obama: Beware the Ides of March


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