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  • n. The state or condition of being legless.


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legless +‎ -ness


  • A commentary in the recent Minnesota Women's Press by Ka Vang on being temporarily disabled is entitled "Life without legs" and refers to said "leglessness" within the brief text at least three times.

    Life without legs

  • So leglessness is really the last term I would use to describe difficulty or the total inability to walk.

    Life without legs

  • Vang's temporary disability is not actual leglessness not that there's anything wrong with that, eh? but the inability to walk unaided: For the last month I have been walking with the help of crutches, a wheelchair and cast.

    Life without legs

  • I believe Milo's decrepitness and leglessness show the price he paid for the wheel.

    Week 41: Look to the Goblet, Ralph

  • Presumably other explanations than burrowing, whatever the media, are quite possible for the evolution of leglessness.

    Najash rionegrina, a snake with legs - The Panda's Thumb

  • Perhaps tree climbing, particularly along very thin and consequently weak branches could also be helped through leglessness and the very long bodies possible in snakes.

    Najash rionegrina, a snake with legs - The Panda's Thumb

  • A heavy slithering came from somewhere close and I wished they weren't so quiet, I wished they'd scream in their fright or bang into something, to take my mind away from their oily leglessness.

    The Mandarin Cypher

  • Pray give my best thanks to Lady Lyell for her translation, which was as clear as daylight to me, including "leglessness."

    More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 2

  • Then Cutler runs in - despite a diagnosis of leglessness - and removes their hearts for his personal use? - News

  • Kardashian took to the floor for his waltz like a centipede takes to leglessness.

    Breaking News: CBS News


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