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  • n. A guessing game of the Indians of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, played with two small bones one of which is marked.


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  • The appeal judment hinged on a technical lehal point.

    Curious Men With Dangerous Ideas (again) « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • April 12th, 2010 12: 33 pm ET the people who should be crying out at immigration matters are the real americans, the natives, not the racists right, not the immigrant haters tea party red necks. after all the white people stole this country from the natives, dont ever forget that white people. these immigrants work hard, both lehal and illegal. i never heard of any mexican terrorist who wants to do harm to america, i heard and know about lots of americans white people terrorist. this is all about the white people wants this country all white, maybe we should send all you white people back to europe.

    Should path for citizenship be made easier for illegal immigrants?


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