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  • n. Plural form of lemma.


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  • 118 Math Wonders to Inspire Teachers and Students However, before beginning to develop formulas, we must consider a few simple "lemmas" (these are "helper" theorems).

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  • In order to discover computational techniques for analyzing these sets of words and their relations, you will want to learn more about synsets, lemmas, and more linguistics terminology, which Chapter 2 of the NLTK Book will give you a great start on.

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  • It is valid if it can be constructed under accepted logical rules from other valid components of mathematics—other theorems, definitions, and lemmas that form the available parts and assemblies in mathematics.

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  • At the most basic level this might simply be choosing the right inductive hypothesises and more complicated arguments will require lemmas and ultimately names for frequently used properties.

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  • This style starts with a painstakingly stated list of axioms, lemmas and/or definitions.

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  • So now your definition of discontinuity has to satisfy two previously undisclosed lemmas.

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  • I think you need to accept and address Dawkins' simplified semantic distillation in your arguments at face value and use your ancillary lemmas and definitions for faith to explain why faith, as Dawkins defines it, isn't really at the proper center of the debate I think Kant and Kierkegaard would agree with Dawkins on this point, despite their alignment with you.

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  • Nun, lemmas quatsch, vide pervoys akstiom, and I think as

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  • Later lemmas characterize this fixed manner as a “ratio” of motion and rest.

    Spinoza's Physical Theory

  • There are always tons of notebooks with preliminary experiments, then the production of chemicals or lemmas or unique instruments.

    Jones et al [1998]: Variance Adjustment « Climate Audit


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