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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lengthen.


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  • As we travel northward we find the term lengthens; and in the Northern Agricultural


  • “However, as one extends that time horizon from one day to one month to one quarter to one year to 10 years, the probability of losing money decreases as the time horizon lengthens.”

    Why I Fired My Broker

  • The shadow, a horizontal shade drawing over the earth, lengthens.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • The thought was that stretching prior to exercise lengthens muscle fibers, which enables the body to absorb more shock and stress and generate more force, Pereles said.

    Pre-run stretching doesn't prevent injuries, study finds

  • But continuing these egregious subsidies to companies making billions of dollars in profits counteracts any free-market incentive they'd have to develop alternatives -- and thus only lengthens the amount of time we're subsidizing repressive governments around the world.

    Arianna Huffington: The Bin Laden Bounce: How Will Obama Use This Moment of Unexpected Unity?

  • That lengthens vulnerable supply lines and overloads soldiers and Marines in the field.

    Solar Updates Marines' Arsenal

  • Spending that creates high-tech, high-paying jobs--and at the same time, saves, lengthens and improves the lives of Americans and all peoples--should be seen as one of the nation's highest priorities.

    John Edward Porter: A Hidden Prescription for Jobs: Global health R&D

  • Specifically, they are worried that if Mr. Emanuel lengthens the school day, as promised, they would have less power to negotiate for more pay—or call a strike.

    Illinois Education Overhaul at Risk

  • Many artists planning to store their hand-made colors add some melted beeswax to the paint two percent per volume of paint is recommended, which adds to its flexibility, lengthens the drying time and keeps the pigments from forming clumps in the oil.

    Daniel Grant: Some Artists Make Their Own Paints

  • But for applications running inside a secure corporate network, UniBrows lengthens the time companies can use the Explorer 6 application safely before rewriting it into a modern format.

    Hurdles to Browser Closeout


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