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  • n. One of a family (Lernæidæ) of parasitic Crustacea found attached to fishes and other marine animals. Some species penetrate the skin and flesh with the elongated head, and feed on the viscera. See Illust. in Appendix.


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  • I don't think a hydra would make a very good cleric. var doubleclick_ad_params = 'a=1;r=0;w=1;wg=2;wa=0;wi=being;wi=invisible;wi=druids;wi=duncan;wi=entangle;wi=faerie;wi=fire;wi=flame;wi=blade;wi=flame;jid=6464226;kw=lernean;kw=hydra;kw=air;kw=temple;kw=wild;kw=shape:;kw=shark;kw=kuo-toa;c=jo;pt=jo';

    gloriagoodbody: Not again.

  • Entry tags:air temple, kuo-toa, lernean hydra, wild shape: shark

    gloriagoodbody: Not again.

  • She is strong enough to mount the empyrean despite the lernean serpent-coil which drags others to perdition -- to compel the world to tolerate if not forgive the black stain in her heart because of the divine radiance which encircles her head.

    The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 1.


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