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  • n. See bush clover.

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  • n. Any of many leguminous plants, of the genus Lespedeza, including bush clover


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin Lespedeza, genus name, after V.M. de Céspedez (misread as Léspedez; fl. 1785), Spanish governor of Florida.


  • Thusly, I say that despite the knowledge of how the lespedeza is a great nitrogen fixer, one would assume that its leaves could be toxic; but in reality its leaves are said to be good nutrition for moths to enjoy, but more importantly; some wildlife creatures also enjoy the foliage of the lespedeza, such as differing species of Hairy L.

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  • After the coal seam is mined, the coal operator may move on to reclamation, perhaps by planting lespedeza sericea, a hardy imported ground cover.

    Rebecca R. Scott: Almost Heaven or Almost Hell? Fossil Fuels, Paychecks and Nature

  • Now the ragged, uncut hay fields, the pasture, empty of cattle, the beginnings of a gully in the lespedeza field below her, all cried out to her that her father was old, with a crippled leg, and that Henley was dead.

    The Dollmaker

  • Aaron had no experience of beyond purchasing an occasional tooth-ful at the grocery-store, won half a dozen acres from Korean lespedeza, the crop he'd at first selected as his soil-improver there.

    Blind Man's Lantern

  • Leiophyllum buxifolium lespedeza species lettuce lettuce disease

    Manual of Gardening (Second Edition)

  • Butterfly bushes, blue-mist shrub (caryopteris), lavender, sage, santolina, bush clover (lespedeza), and beautyberry (callicarpa) benefit from heavy pruning now.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • The current expectation for spring growth is the fescue and lespedeza will take an early lead in the battle of the grasses, in which case TLC will be ready to fight back with herbicide.


  • Through the controlled burn, native seeds will have the chance to meet a bare ground that is no longer covered with species such as fescue and lespedeza, and dense thatch.


  • This is a pollination of H. L. by means of a butterfly How the lespedeza reproduces is not by self-pollination, but by pollination, In which the seedlings of the lespedeza will fly from its flowery tip by means of the wind and be carried off to a new location in order to be re-planted and thus start a cycle of more and more plants.

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  • Hairy lespedeza can survive a drought for a considerable amount of time, and it requires a kind of humid climate.

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