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  • Of the 26 species of threatened Australian mammals, 5 are found on Bernier and Dorre islands; burrowing bettong Bettongia lesueur, rufous hare-wallaby Lagorchestes hirsutus, banded hare-wallaby L. fasciatus, Shark Bay mouse Pseudomys praeconis and western barred bandicoot Perameles bougainville.

    Shark Bay, Australia

  • This work has studied in detail the life cycle of some of Australia's most threatened animals on Bernier and Dorre Islands and has reintroduced the mari, or western barred bandicoot (Perameles bougainville) and burrowing bettong, (Bettongia lesueur), also known as the boodie.

    Biological diversity in Southwest Australia

  • However, rufous hare-wallaby Lagorchestes hirsutus (R), burrowing bettong Bettongia lesueur (R) and common brush-tail possum Trichosurus vulpecula have been eradicated in the past 80 years although reintroduction is being considered.

    Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

  • For example, Dahl reported that, for the burrowing bettong (Bettongia lesueur), a small kangaroo

    Kimberly tropical savanna

  • The findings show that bilbies (Macrotis lagotis) and bettongs (bettongia lesueur), which are both superficially rabbit-like marsupials, can help green the landscape in arid areas by creating pockets of nutrient-rich soil.

    COSMOS magazine - The science of everything


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