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  • n. A box to receive letters.
  • n. One of a number of rented boxes in a post-office, in which letters are placed by the postmaster or clerk to be collected by the owners of the boxes at their convenience. More commonly called simply box.
  • n. A box to receive letters, affixed at the entrance of a dwelling or place of business, usually upon the inside of the door, with a slit through which letters may be thrust in from without.


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  • We have our local paper delivered, propped nicely in our letter-box.

    Black and White and Read All Over

  • He folded the stamps in with his manuscript, dropped it into the letter-box, and from three weeks to a month afterward the postman came up the steps and handed him the manuscript.

    Chapter 24

  • The locals said this was because ‘reporting’ anything often resulted in a late night delivery of a pint of petrol through your letter-box. on October 8, 2009 at 11: 56 pm Insp D'eath

    How “Police Performance” Fraud Works. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • The letter despatched to the letter-box by Teresa, Martin lay back and thought.

    Chapter 26

  • His hand shook as he tried to raise the letter-box flap.


  • But although they craned their necks to see each side, there didn't seem to be any letter-box at all for the postman to slip letters in.

    An Open Letter to Fans of South Plains Football

  • Try to plan something fun for you and the kids to do each day -- even if it's just walking down the street to the letter-box and letting your "big kid" post a letter.

    Coin Toss

  • I think that widescreen monitors have put an end to it but this is the argument I would always have about not watching a movie in letter-box mode.

    Reverse Storyboarding

  • I waited till the door was shut on me, and slipped the tract into the letter-box.

    The Moonstone (1868), Wilkie Collins | clusterflock

  • You'll also need special videodiscs, in so-called letter-box format, that show the entire width of a movie.

    Honey, I Shrunk The Disc


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