from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A tray divided into small compartments in which large types of wood are ranged.
  • n. A rack or small frame, usually ornamented, in which letters, arranged as answered and unanswered or otherwise, are kept.


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  • ‘You wrote a letter to a Miss Somebody; I saw it in the letter-rack.’

    A Pair of Blue Eyes

  • I remember once taking a tramp in your glorious Surrey hills, thinking of nothing but gorse and skylarks, when I came out on a vast circle of land, and over me lifted a vast, voiceless structure, tier above tier of seats, as huge as a Roman amphitheatre and as empty as a new letter-rack.

    The Complete Father Brown

  • "Why, you know that letter-rack of silver cardboard that I have been making for her birthday, and counted so on giving her, isn't finished."

    A Missionary Twig

  • The letter-rack was completed in good time, and presented.

    A Missionary Twig

  • She was sadly disappointed, as she had been looking forward for several weeks to the time when she should have the pleasure of presenting the nicely-made letter-rack to her cousin.

    A Missionary Twig

  • Alice and the letter-rack now absorbed most of her thoughts.

    A Missionary Twig

  • As for Grim, he was so jolly anxious that he could not tackle any more poems, but divided his time between ices at Hooper's and loafing round the letter-rack for Hilda's answer.

    Acton's Feud A Public School Story

  • From force of habit, Rutherford glanced at the letter-rack on the wall at the foot of the stairs.

    The Man Upstairs and Other Stories

  • He snatched it covetously from the letter-rack, and carried it upstairs to his room.

    The Adventures of Sally

  • From a letter-rack she took a square sheet of paper and handed it to the Chief Inspector.



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