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  • n. Plural form of leucocyte.


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  • The leucocytes are a little high, the red cell count is a little low, the hemoglobin shows a little high on the colorimeter, but none of 'em seems enough to do any harm.

    Cum Grano Salis

  • Dr. Nassau tells me the efficacy of drugs is held to depend on their benevolent spirits, which, on being put into the body, drive away the malevolent disease-causing spirits — a leucocytes-versus-pathogenic-bacteria sort of influence, I suppose.

    Travels in West Africa

  • In the meantime, I had fallen in love with the shape and the color of the eosinophilic granules of leucocytes and attempted to isolate them.

    Albert Claude - Nobel Lecture

  • There is a close relation between the number of leucocytes present in the sample and the degree of reaction.

    Chapter 6

  • This test determines the presence or absence of leucocytes (pus indicating infection) in milk.

    Chapter 6

  • Next morning he found the thorns surrounded by the mobile cells, and, knowing that, when inflammation occurs in animals which have a blood vascular system, leucocytes escape from their blood vessels, it occurred to him that these leucocytes might take up and digest bacteria that get into the body.

    Ilya Mechnikov - Biography

  • The largest of these elements are the size of leucocytes.

    Alphonse Laveran - Nobel Lecture

  • I found in the blood, leucocytes more or less loaded with pigment, but in addition to these melaniferous leucocytes, pigmented spherical bodies of variable size possessing amoeboid movement, free or adherent to the red cells; non-pigmented corpuscles forming clear spots in the red cells; finally pigmented elements, crescentic in shape attracted my attention, and from then on I supposed they were parasites.

    Alphonse Laveran - Nobel Lecture

  • On a dog chloroformed for the first time, the number of leucocytes in the blood undergoes no modification either under the anasthaetic or after, whether on the second or the tenth or the twentieth day.

    Charles Richet - Nobel Lecture

  • It is therefore not surprising that cooked meat should be ingested without affecting the leucocytes, for no soluble protein has been introduced into the stomach, and the only proteins which can pass it are those that have been modified, transformed and homogenized by the digestive juices.

    Charles Richet - Nobel Lecture


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