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  • adj. Capable of being leveraged.


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leverage +‎ -able


  • No longer is the sole requisite for garnering a book deal simply a unique idea; individuals must bring their own leverageable audience to the table, whether through a social media fanbase on Twitter of Facebook, or through followers of a content site like a personal blog.

    Marni Salup: How Successful New Authors Are Branding Themselves Through Social Media

  • In an interview with this newspaper, he pointed a finger first of all at Fannie and Freddie, whose channeling of government subsidized capital into the housing market helped turn housing into a leverageable, tradeable asset class.

    Let Houses Find a Bottom

  • In addition, Jacoby believes XM "has the better mousetrap" with greater OEM share, incremental spectrum and a more leverageable expense model.

    XM Looks Undervalued

  • "XM, in our opinion, is better positioned for the longer term due to OEM share, tech lead, and a more leverageable expense model," wrote the analyst in a research note Thursday.

    XM Could Offer Upside As Sirius' Stern Luster Fades

  • As I faced this new environment, I needed tools that were aligned with my own core values and that would be leverageable in this new setting.

    Living the 7 Habits

  • If, on the other hand, you actually can see, feel, or experience it, that skill is leverageable.

    The 28 Laws of Attraction

  • In all, it took almost a century before business truly came to the realization that time is a leverageable resource.

    The Monster Under The Bed

  • In a note, Credit Suisse analyst Greg Dunham also argued that NetSuite's "model has become much more leverageable." - Top Stories

  • So we've already put the infrastructure in place that's highly leverageable.

  • And what care extenders, as we call them, are most leverageable are value-added for us working in partnership?


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