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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of levigate.


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  • So he entered and going up to the candles which burnt in the tent snuffed them and sprinkled levigated henbane on the wicks; after which he withdrew and waited without the marquee, till the smoke of the burning henbane reached

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • When it becomes again dry, let it be finely levigated, anoint the eyes with it, and dust it upon the angles of the eyes.

    On Regimen In Acute Diseases

  • When it becomes dry, let it be scraped down and levigated, and apply with the finger to the part, and having oiled compresses, apply them, and bind a sponge above.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • Alum, the most finely levigated, is to be put into the juice of the wild grape, and it is to be put into a red bronze mortar and stirred in the sun, and removed when it appears to have attained proper consistence.

    On Ulcers

  • Another: - The internal fatty part, resembling honey, of a fig much dried, of water two parts, of linseed not much toasted and finely levigated, one part.

    On Ulcers

  • Having melted the grease that is fresh, pour it into another pot; having levigated plumbago finely and sifted it, and mixed them together, boil and stir at first; boil until when poured upon the ground it concretes; then taking it off the fire, pour it all into another vessel, with the exception of the stony sediment, and add resin and stir, and mix a little oil of juniper, and what has been taken off.

    On Ulcers

  • Another corrosive powder: - Of the most finely-levigated misy, sprinkle upon the moist and gangrenous parts, and a little of the flower of copper, not altogether levigated.

    On Ulcers

  • Another: - Of the dried fig, of the flower of copper levigated a little, and the juice of the fig. The preparation from dried fig: - The black chamaeleon, the dried gall of an ox, the other things the same.

    On Ulcers

  • These are other powders: - Black hellebore, as finely levigated as possible, is to be sprinkled on the sore while any humidity remains about it, and while it continues to spread.

    On Ulcers

  • Some amphorae are covered in an engobe, a slip of levigated white clay.

    Interactive Dig Black Sea: Catalog of Artifacts


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