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  • v. Present participle of levitate.


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  • Tonight I called to wish him and his wife luck; they both told me that they feel like they're "levitating" on all the prayers people are offering for them.

    A Most Excellent Rickety Contrivance

  • She had no difficulty in imagining how the objects were "levitating"; one by one, they'd been pulled up by wires or black strings, probably hooked by means of a fishing rod from the room above.

    The Wizard Of London

  • The next experiments consisted in raising or "levitating" small objects from the table -- by placing the medium's hands on either side of them.

    The Problems of Psychical Research Experiments and Theories in the Realm of the Supernormal

  • Keith suggests two novel geoengineering approaches-'levitating 'engineered nano-particles, and the airborne release of sulphuric acid-in two newly published studies.

    R&D Mag - News

  • In truth, "levitating" trains really do exist - but they are properly called maglev trains, and they are high-tech marvels.


  • Angel, whose real name is Christopher Sarantakos, is known for performing illusions such as levitating himself, walking on water and making things suddenly disappear.

    Latest News -

  • for those of you wondering about the "levitating" tier... it is actually on a metal stand... the support is behind the cake rather than directly under it.

    Sunday Sweets: Geeky Goodness

  • Curtains, windows, stage sets and a levitating apple cast an air of uncertainty on where the old reality ended and the new weird one began.

    This week's new exhibitions

  • If they're actually levitating, not flying, why do they need wings and employ all the flight tactics of birds?

    mrissa: Addition, subtraction, numini...tion?

  • Geim told everyone at the Ig Nobel award ceremony that levitating a frog led to lots of requests, including one from the leader of a small religious group in England ...

    Ig Nobel To Nobel: Creative (And Fun) Science Wins


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