levomethorphan love


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  • n. A particular narcotic painkiller.


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  • Singapore was pressure relative levomethadone and prohibited levomethadyl acetate troduc tion levomethorphan urine.

    Rudy: Iraq Is "In The Hands Of Other People"

  • So how much of this levomethorphan stuff would it take for Miss Harper to snuff herself ?

    Body of Evidence

  • The labs in my building did not have a polarimeter or any way to test for levomethorphan.

    Body of Evidence

  • I do recall her asking numerous questions when I first prescribed levomethorphan.

    Body of Evidence

  • He went on to explain that levomethorphan is a very effective pain reliever prescribed almost exclusively for people terminally ill with cancer.

    Body of Evidence

  • And the only difference between the two drugs as far as detection goes is that, when viewed through an optical rotatory device called a polarimeter, dextromethorphan rotates light to the right, and levomethorphan rotates light to the left.

    Body of Evidence

  • “Did she know that dextromethorphan and levomethorphan both come up as dextromethorphan in routine tox tests?”

    Body of Evidence

  • “Think of dextromethorphan and levomethorphan as identical twins,” I said.

    Body of Evidence

  • Samples derived from Sterling Harper’s gastric contents and blood showed she had ingested levomethorphan shortly before death, her level eight milligrams per liter of blood, which was too high to be either survivable or accidental.

    Body of Evidence


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