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  • n. Plural form of lexis.


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  • His sole study is for words, that they be — Lepidae lexeis compostae, ut tesserulae omnes, not a syllable misplaced, to set out a stramineous subject: as thine is about apparel, to follow the fashion, to be terse and polite, 'tis thy sole business: both with like profit.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Unlike the commentary on the Meteorology, which displays the typically Olympiodorean structure of being divided into praxeis which are then subdivided into longer expositions of the meaning of the passage under discussion (theôriai) and more detailed analyses of the text (lexeis), the commentary on the


  • MEDITERRANEAN KIWI said ... please excuse me for forgetting to mention that the commentators know their greek well: the terms KLEPHT and EXOHIKO are common greek words whose meanings are clear. as for that word TRADITIONAL, clearly salmon klephtiko doesn't fit into the tradition: where on earth would an arcadian find salmon? and if an arcadian of the foregone klepht era ever managed to get one, i wonder whether they would ever think to cook it klepht style? no, they couldnt possibly have put it in their head to do so - it just wouldnt be TRADITIONAL (les kai kollousan sto noima tis lexeis) if i were an arcadian in the late 1800's and i were given a gift of salmon, i would definitely have cooked it klepht style, because i wouldnt have wanted even the NEIGHBOURS to find out what delicacy i was cooking ... what on earth is the traditonal method of cooking salmon in arcadia anyway???

    Recipe for Salmon "Kleftiko" (Σολομός Κλέφτικος) and Kleftiko: Its Modern Meaning

  • Markiônos. echousi gar kai autoi tas lexeis en tôi kath 'heautous euangeliôi].

    The Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels Being the Sequel to The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels

  • 4, Quam lepide lexeis compoftae? ut tefrerulae omnet Arte, pavimento, atque emblemate vermiculato?

    A. Persii Flacci et Dec. Jun. Juvenalis satirae: Ad optimas editiones ...


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