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  • n. a smart bomb that seeks the laser light reflected off of the target and uses it to correct its descent


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  • News - The BBC has finally admitted it has a problem with its portrayal of lgb people and plans to set up a focus group to deal with the issue.

    Queer Sighted

  • The BBC has had a dismal record on lgb representation over the past few years, from BBC3 calling lesbians "munters", Jonathan Ross's jokes about gay adoption, Radio 1's Chris Moyles constant anti-gay remarks and last month's online debate: "Should homosexuals face execution?"

    Queer Sighted

  • Joystiq 'have reported that a new survey is under way, to discover the needs of lgb video game players.

    Queer Sighted

  • Here's a touching no-on-8 ad with lots of lovely photos of lgb families.

    Why Vote No on Proposition 8

  • The photos tell it all: lgb families just aren't that different from single parent families or straight families or blended families and in fact, lgb families are all those things, sometimes, too.

    Why Vote No on Proposition 8

  • And if you Google the phrase, you'll see that the phrase, while not used any more, was in popular use a while back, and if you put the lesbians in front, and call it "lgb community," you get 15,000 hits.


  • Radcliffe has been very vocal in his support for the lgb community as both his parents are actors, and he grew up knowing gay people, in an enlightened environment.

    Queer Sighted

  • Last year the 20 year old actor gave a "major donation" to The Trevor Project - a non-profit organisation which counsels suicidal lgb youths.

    Queer Sighted

  • One Response to "The Irish Civil Service - some lgb staff experiences"

    Maman Poulet

  • To use Foxmail in English just go into the installation directory and delete the Chinese. lgb file

    Softpedia - Windows - All


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