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  • n. Plural form of liability.
  • n. An amount of money in a company that is owed to someone and has to be paid in the future, such as tax, debt, interest, and mortgage payments.

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  • n. anything that is owed to someone else


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  • The $53 trillion in liabilities is like a mortgage balance: That's what it would cost to pay off the debt now. - The looming national benefit crisis

  • Ironically, Jane Norton’s candidacy probably hurts this decision’s effectiveness, as one of her main liabilities is her tie to Referendum C & D.

    Lt. Governor Penry? « View From a Height

  • Eyal Cohen, BOS CFO, said: "The previously announced conversion of our debt at a premium of 36% over the current share price, which is subject to shareholders' approval, will result in: (a) a reduction in our short term liabilities by $3 million, (b) an increase in our equity by $2.5 million, (c) a reduction in our annual finance expense that amounted to $360,000 in the first nine months of 2011, and (d) an expected $1.5 million non cash expense in the fourth quarter of 2011, due to the reduced conversion share price."

  • More than half of states considered legislation to try to rein in long-term liabilities such as employee pensions and benefits.

    Higher Taxes Yield to Budget Cuts in States

  • These people want to be around the wealthy because they lost everything having over 900,000 in liabilities and the Winery closing.

    Congressional foundation claims Salahis crashed their event

  • The deal was attractive to pension funds and life-insurance companies that need to match their asset portfolios to long-term liabilities, especially because there aren't many compelling long-term deals for them in today's yield-starved environment.

    MIT Offers 'Century Bond'

  • As I argued in a previous GLF blog, banks and other institutions relied largely on "rolling over" short-term liabilities often, overnight.

    L. Randall Wray: Let's Make a Deal: The Bail-Out of Wall Street in Unusual and Exigent Circumstances

  • And, as Deutsche Bundesbank board member Alexander Dombret pointed out in a speech Wednesday, this is "a non-negligible but small part of European banks' short-term liabilities" and easily covered by central bank facilities—both the ECB's own operations, and its swap facility with the Fed, which allows it to offer dollar liquidity to European banks that can't get it from the market.

    Time for Concern—Not for Panic—Over EU Banks

  • Specifically, investors were asked to consider GM's strengthened balance sheet after bankruptcy stripped out over $80 billion in liabilities, GM's market-leading presence in China, and steps the new management team were taking to reverse losses in its struggling European division, Opel, after deciding to keep the unit in late 2009.

    White House Calling The Shots On GM IPO: Reuters

  • He also said that Detroit has total long-term liabilities estimated at more than $12 billion, that City officials have not filed an adequate or approved deficit elimination plan, and that Detroit's general fund deficit is likely to increase to $196 million for 2011.

    Fred Leeb: Detroit's Old Games Are Over


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