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  • n. A genus of composite plants of the tribe Eupatoriaceæ and subtribe Adenostyleæ; the button-snakeroots.

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  • n. genus of perennial North American herbs with aromatic usually cormous roots


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  • I was contemplating putting a new liatris variety in that spot, decided to put it elsewhere and then a couple of weeks later the aesclepius put in a spring appearance and I said to myself, Whew!

    Late April Mish Mash « Fairegarden

  • “Now be sure not to miss the rose achillea, and my goodness, there must be a dozen varieties of aquilegia … oh, and liatris …” Ms. Evelyn called after Athen as she trudged up the hill in the direction Callie had previously scampered.

    A Different Light

  • So pefect with that contrast of liatris and the willow.

    Year End Wrap Up 2008-Part Two « Fairegarden

  • The liatris are almost unnoticeable in front of the bee balm.

    Note to self

  • "I have known myself entertained by a single dew-drop, or an icicle, by a liatris, or a fungus, and seen God revealed in the shadow of a leaf."

    The Last Harvest

  • With autumn came a glorious abundance and variety of asters, those beautiful plant stars, together with goldenrods, sunflowers, daisies, and liatris of different species, while around the shady margin of the meadow many ferns in beds and vaselike groups spread their beautiful fronds, especially the osmundas (_O. claytoniana, regalis_, and _cinnamomea_) and the sensitive and ostrich ferns.

    The Story of My Boyhood and Youth

  • You can also plant summer bulbs such as onions, potatoes, lilies, liatris, acidanthera, gladiolus and montbretia.

    KUSA-TV -

  • Some bulbous plants of this type are hostas, day lilies, Joe-pye weed, agapanthus, lilium and liatris.

    The Seattle Times

  • "There's pale purple coneflower and liatris - that's blazing star."

    Minnesota Premier Publications - Southwest Journal Stories

  • I’ve got some new purple liatris again, magnets for both interspersed with the salvia, and the day lillies are forming big clumps.

    Firedoglake » Sunday Talking Head Thread


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