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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of liberalise.
  • adj. Alternative spelling of liberalized.


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  • I wont not be surprised if the chinese telecom company put some measure in this deal to monitor peoples movement even t invades peoples privacy. but they must have being doing it already. even though it is a communist nation there must be rules made in its so called liberalised economy not to favour some particular company. reply moduck

    Is The iPhone Coming To China?

  • If I were in Celso Amorim's shoes, watching the West subsidise and protect its markets, whilst demanding that those of the poorer nations be 'liberalised' in favour of rapacious corporate interests, I honestly don't think that I would have been quite as restrained in my comments as he was.

    Free Markets? What Free Markets?

  • Some tariffs on agricultural products will be "liberalised" over the same period, others reviewed periodically.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • He said if the existing Act were "liberalised", it was essential that the causes of unwanted pregnancies be examined.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • For the ruling ideology has drastically failed - the vast disasters of manmade climate change and of the crash of 'liberalised' finance are the proof.

    Politics news, UK and world political comment and analysis |

  • Latin American countries are emerging from the global financial meltdown in good shape, in part because of their apparent familiarity with the rules of counter-cyclical spending, which depends on storing up money in the good times, and in part because their financial sector was less liberalised than in the west.

    Lessons to be learned from Latin America | Jonathan Glennie

  • More specifically, Ghazi Bin Talal recalled that Benedict XVI has written "historical" papal encyclicals on love and hope, has promoted interreligious dialogue and that "he liberalised the traditional Latin Mass for those who adhere to it."

    Pope in the Holy Land: Muslim Leader Praises Pope's Courage in Liberalising the Traditional Latin Mass [Update]

  • The graduate journalism schools need to be dismantled and the field of journalism liberalised to make way for witty, talented young things untainted by the pedantic, didactic sanctimony of the journalism academy which defiles the best of writings.

    Matthew Yglesias » How Not to Save The New York Times

  • There are quibbles about whether he could have taken on other issues in his first term faster: he dragged his feet somewhat on abortion, which wasn't liberalised in line with northern European democracies until 2008.

    José Zapatero's feminista agenda

  • Since its markets were liberalised, a rapidly growing middle class of tech-savvy graduates is competing with the best the west has to offer.

    The Business podcast: India's booming economy


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